Frequently Asked Questions - General


The list is quite short: You'll need Qt 4.4 or higher with Sqlite3 support. To check for the Qt version you have installed, run "qmake -version" or (on some distributions) "qmake-qt4 -version".

More specifically, Quassel Client needs QtCore, QtGui, QtScript and QtNetwork. Quassel Core needs QtCore, QtScript, QtNetwork and QtSql (with sqlite3 support). The combined (monolithic) version needs a superset of these modules, of course :)

Yes, Quassel Core can handle multiple users, but we don't have an UI for that yet.

You will find a python script,, in the scripts/ directory. This allows you to add new accounts to the core's database and change passwords for existing ones.

Well, depends on what you ask from your chat client. First of all, all the devs use Quassel IRC as their main clients and have been doing that for a while. We all share one Quassel Core, so that component is getting quite a stress testing...

Quassel Core has been rock stable for us for a while, and we have ironed out most Client crashes recently. So yes, Quassel IRC is certainly stable enough to be usable, at least on our systems. If it isn't for you, please report bugs, so we can fix it :)

Now for features - as I said, that depends on what you need. Quassel does not have all the nice features yet that shiny clients like Konversation give you. On the other hand, it certainly already now is much more convenient than text-based clients like Irssi. There also is no plugin support yet, so if you rely on your /slap script, you'd have to wait...

If you can work with issueing basic IRC commands via the input line, rather than relying on everything being clickable, you should be all set to start using Quassel!

Well, in this case, chances are that we already know about it. All devs have been using IRC for a long time, we all have tried several IRC clients, so we know what they can do - and if it's a usable feature, we probably want to have it in Quassel as well. So most probably, the feature you want will creep into Quassel at some time.

Then by all means, report it! We are always thankful for ideas, and if your feature request makes sense, we will probably implement it at some time.